12 definitions by otaku killer

See Wapanese for a better definition.
The animation otaku failed his English midterm exam as a result of watching anime all night instead of studying.
by otaku killer October 25, 2003
What the Wapanese fanboys who own a SONY Playstation masturbate to, because they can't get a date with a REAL girl.
Wapanese: OMG Tifas boobz r all over teh screen & I can almost see her pantiez wen she bends over *fap* *fap* *fap*
by otaku killer August 24, 2003
Anime pictures and films of naked women and naked women engaging in explicit hardcore sex in basically every orifice. What the Wapanese and the otaku have a fetish for because they can't score with a real life woman.
Wapanese typically sit around in their filthy apartments masturbating to internet hentai.
by otaku killer May 12, 2003
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