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When a white person, in their attempt to take every last thing away from non-whites, claims to be a victim of racism in order to trivialize or deaden the impact of acts of racism perpetrated by whites.
"Well, we took chocolate and made that white, we turned Jazz into Kenny G, we turned Chinese Food into chicken balls, we turned rice into Uncle Ben's, we turned Funk into Disco, we turned Mexican Food into Taco Bell, we've colonized just about every Latin, Asian and African country, what's there left for us to take?? OHHHH!!! Let's take RACISM, make it our own and call it 'reverse racism'!!"

"I supported that poor black family whose son was beaten up by that gang of seven skinheads, until I realized that the black boy was using reverse racism on those poor young Nazis. That's right, the racism of those seven white boys was not as great as the reverse racism of that one black boy, whose influence and power clearly overwhelmed the poor white boys into beating him up."
by osibisa November 15, 2007

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