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when ur girlfriend is the penis of the relationship.
if she says jump, u ask how high?
by orangechicken October 09, 2004
somehting really fun to call someone, gives u the sence of being more witted and better than your adversary
chris, ur a dried up cum bubble on a gay donkey's dick
by Orangechicken October 02, 2004
High school located out in the middle of nowhere, where everyone knows everyone. Nothing fun to do out there besides get into trouble, drink or smoke weed.

Their FBLA program is baller being state champs for over a decade.
Friend: What school do you go to?
You: Hidden Valley
Friend: Sucks!

*at a competition event*
person: i think i'll do okay in my event
*see's that hv is competing in that event*
person: theres no way i'm going to place
by orangeCHICKEN November 30, 2012

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