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One of the best schools in the country. Great teachers. Great classes. Totally better than all the Hartford high schools combined.

The high-ranking test scores of the school are mainly maintained by the considerably small community of Asian students. The white kids just play sports, flaunt their money and wear clothes THEY KNOW the minorities can't afford. The non-Asian minorities tend to just chill and hang out/get detained at the Loss of Privilege room. Many non-Asian minorities get bused in from Hartford. All 17 of them.

Most of the families these kids come from are in better economic stature compared to a normal family. Yes, that also includes the minorities.

Despite the large racial differences, everyone gets along and just chills. But there is one common denominator among ALL the students; DRAMA. That's right, drama. The school is a festering pit of drama. This drama is often caused by break-ups, anger issues and he-said-she-said stuff.

Also, this is one of the most competitive schools in the state or probably in the country. Although they really don't make it obvious, teachers make it a point that if you do not meet their academic standards, there is no way you will get into college. And if you end up not going to college, you might as well not show up next week and start working at McDonald's. But still, we (the kids at SHS) are not that bad and we push for excellence.
Kid from some bad school: Hey who's competing in the state geography contest?

Other kid from some bas school: us and Simsbury.

Kid from some bad school: Awwwwww HELL NO! We might as well not compete if we gonna go against Simsbury High School cuz they too smart and good.
by oohlala7193 December 27, 2009

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