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persians are not white
they are muslim and we categorize all muslims in the same race, i mean who cares if you think you are white, yer muslim! same difference
- they are hairy, even the girls have hairy ass arms!
-they smell like indians
-the girls are fine tho o man i would do a persian kitty in a heartbeat
-they need nosejobs
-they claim they are ballers but its all about their own insecurity... look at their crummy country. its really rich or really poor.. just like any other third world pos.
-there are some down persians but they cant come close to reppin the sets like white, mexicans, blacks and asians
- mayb in iran they are down... down terrorists!ahaha
that persian in the 2nd hand beamer is a hairy smelly mo fo!
by onthareal May 09, 2005

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