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Acronym for Bath and Body Works.
There's some soap on clearance at B&BW...
by onlyevier February 07, 2008
(adj)- like a pauper: poor, dirty, scum, white trash.

Usually used when describing people in workhouses in 19th century Europe.
We were trying to make our poster board look pauperish, so we threw some dirt on it.
by onlyevier February 03, 2008
1. A combination of the words "every" and "time", used to implicate the consistency of something occuring each time the situation shows up. Thus, "everytime".

2. The infinite "now"; "Ever" y (and) "time"- eternal time.
1. Gimpel forms a different opinion everytime someone tells him something.

2. Vamlumtimes is everytime; everytime something good happens, something bad has to happen.
by onlyevier June 19, 2008

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