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A stupid saying which turned into a meme by Kootra during Minecraft: Carnival Of Doooom w/ Nova, Kootra & SSoH Ep.8
Nova: whooooa look at all these f**king carts. hehehe
Kootra: where are they?
Nova:how many times did you guys failed to come back.
Seamus: alot.
Kootra: I don't see any carts.
Nova: There's three carts here..
Kootra: They are not on my screen.
Nova mocks Kootra: they are not on my screeen. heh

Nova: I wanna go into the damn freak show! I want to see a two headed cow or something.
Kootra: yea, im sure they are going to have that.
Nova: Obvioussssly.. they could. You wouldn't know..because.. it's not on your screen.
Nova in mocking voice: they're not on my screen.
by onlyZHUI May 28, 2011
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