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moms that are pms-ed ALL the time and make up reasons to yell at their kids since they have no other ppl to berate. usually divorced and/or working at high-stress jobs. kid basically becomes a burden to them, STILL, they won't let the dad have the kid b/c of their stupid arrogant pride. these bitches will get pissed off just seeing their kid's face (especially w/ a report card). just think: endure until you finish high school. then leave and never come back, leave a note "bye forever you stupid verbal-abuse bitch. i will definitely not miss you. im crying with happiness. you probably are too, you selfish loud tard." don't confuse these with the "teach-moms" that actually explain why they yell.
If you're a "mombitch", you're probably reading this comment over your kid's shoulder and will proceed to yell at them and force them to promise to take care of you. yep, that confirms you. you're 100% mombitch. if you now proceed to beat your kid, just so you know, you're going to hell.
by only2moreyearskid May 28, 2006

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