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Whey they should call costco because as soon as you walk through the fucking door 5 people demand to see your membership card.
shooper: chill the fuck out i'm not even in the door
by online handle September 17, 2006
what you go by on the internet. see screen name
i'm looking for your youtube link dude, what's your online handle
by online handle September 17, 2006
When something mysteriously dissappears. Used in chuck palahniuk's book "diary"
dude my fucking iPod got bermuda trianglulated
by online handle September 20, 2006
a place where more people kill themselves then any place in the world.

this obviously means san francisco has the largest population of emo kids then any other place in the world
my gf dumped me, let's go to the golden gate bridge.
by online handle August 30, 2006
a terrible "sitcom" on hbo about a fat slob and his family. lucky louie claims to be taped infront of a live audience but it's obvious that a laugh track is used because no one on this planet could laugh at the shows lame, contrived and altogether boring and unfunny "jokes"
lucky louie is probably the worst show ever to air on hbo
by online handle August 29, 2006
a fast food place that is almost impossible to find, there is about one white castle per state, and finding said white castle is quite an adventure. when you finnally do find it, you will be really pissed at yourself for searching so long for shitty burgers that require the consumption of about 400 to fill yourself up.
white castle is a rare, hard to find, shitty place.
by online handle August 28, 2006
the bible is violent as fuck, if the bible were a movie and god wasn't willing to make any cuts the mpaa would deem it violent enough to get an nc-17 rating, the bible would only play in certain art house theaters and only gross a small amount of money, upon the bibles release on dvd the bible would not be available at walmart, best buy, blockbuster and many other retailers, the bible would not be shown on cable often. the bible would soon be forgotten about as most nc-17 rated films are.

the bible is also the best selling book ever made. it contains more sex and violence then any book ever written. people known as catholics want for you to read this graphicly violent and sexually explicit account of supposed real life events so badly, that they will give you a copy for free at any church.
the bible is an extremley violent book
by online handle August 29, 2006

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