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3 definitions by oneforyou

Originally a term used to mean "I would like some more pie, please", pie me has come to mean so much more than that. Originally used in yvonne wojtalik's famous blog, attracted to shiny things, pie me indicates that you want the best, nay, ALL that life has to offer. Life is a juicy pie, and you want a slice, baby.
Traditional - When at a restaurant, wave the waitress over and yell "Pie me!"

Contemporary - When playing blackjack at the casino, look the dealer in the eye and say "Pie me".

Cutting edge - When in bed with your lover, look him/her in the face and scream "Pie me!!!"
by oneforyou November 18, 2010
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Adjective: a discriptor that implies one is acting "like a douch-bag".
"Dude, don't be douchebaggish. Just flush the toilet, is all I'm saying."
by oneforyou January 24, 2010
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Your "A face" is your awkward face. The face you show to the world when you are feeling distressed, embarassed, uncertain or inept.

By giving your awkwardness a cute name, you are then able to focus on the humor of the situation, cleverly distracting those around you from your discomfort.

Similar to it's better known cousin, the "O face", but instead of appearing orgasmic and utterly fulfilled, you will simply look uncomfortable and self-conscious.
Amanda and Amy were having a fantastic time at the 21st Annual "I'm Coming Out As A Homosexual" festival when all of a sudden, they saw their husbands at the funnel cake stand.

Amy- "Uh, does this mean what I think it does?"
Amanda- "Wow, I hope everybody brought their A face!"
by oneforyou January 21, 2011
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