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a uncontroble itching sensation around the scrotum area.
"AHHHHHHH....Oh naw, Oh Fuckin Naw, Oh Hellllllllll Naw!!!! My Fuckin Balls itch son"
by oneder March 03, 2005
An abbreviation for “The Ex On One”

The Ex On One, truly the envy of mankind. The eccentric genius, current holder of the ancient wisdom passed down through generations and generations of fellow Ex On Ones. This astonishing man not only mastered the art of On Oneism but he has adopted a fruitful lifestyle of unemployment, sleeping in, puffin ganja and drinking away his nights and days to unsurpassed bliss, while his Miami wife, holding two jobs, works hurtful hours to provide strictly for the domain of The Ex On One and his two precious children. Although The Ex On One holds the keys to the ancient wisdom of the original Ex On One Sages, he is extremely unsurely weary of whom the next proprietor of this priceless knowledge may be. Time will only tell…
E.O.O. "hey man, want a beer?"
Dave "No, id love one but i gotta work tonite"
E.O.O. "work. fuck. that sucks!!!"
by oneder April 30, 2005
Mastering the art of truly being On One with out causing any problems or drama in ones life. An enlightend state very many attempt and few achive.
Dave “Dude the E.O.O. has been sippin of the same handle of jb for the last week”
Steve “He is truly a master of On Oneism”
by oneder April 30, 2005
Mass consumption of alcohol/drugs. Going past the point of no return and coming back only to return again.
You might have been one one if:
Its 9am and you are lying naked in bed next to a 300 lb. Miami, who you have never met before, with a peculiar taste in your mouth.
You wake up in the drunk tank and you have been told you’re being booked for defecting on top of car in a shopping center parking lot in broad day light.
Kid 1 "I have never seen that kid sober"
Kid 2 "He is ALWAYS on one"
by oneder April 30, 2005

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