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1 definition by one_bulgarian_

The favourite kind of music of most Bulgarians.Its origins come from Turkey,Greece and the other countries on the Balkan peninsula.At first(during the 90's) chalga singers copied famous songs from their collegues from the countries mentioned above,but nowadays more and more Bulgarian singers prefer authors songs.One of the most famous chalga singers in Bulagria are:Mara-the Opener,Azis-the Homo,Gloria-the Skeleton,Gergana-the Silicone and many others(even more than you can see on MTV!).All of them,except for Azis are produced by Mitio-Payner-a
a part of Azis'chalga hit"Dui,Dui,Dui,listen to my hui,oops-song,please tell me(x2)...You should be jealous,you should swear,I want you to dream about me,Dui,Dui,Dui..."and so on:)
by one_bulgarian_ December 31, 2005