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People, usually females, fixated on the socialite, movie star and business woman Paris Hilton. The wannabes often follow the glamorous life of the star of hit reality show 'The Simple Life.' Often acting, dressing and using her famous catch phrases such as 'that's hot' or 'loves it' these people aspire to nothing more than the fabulous life that the starlet leads. Unashamed of their admiration they enjoy being compared to Paris Hilton and love to be known as THE Wannabe.
Lauren: "Omg did you hear Paris Hilton wears only white sun glasses now?"

Sarah: "We totally need to get down to the mall and get some. Mine are so old now"

Lauren: "Your such a Paris Hilton Wannabe"
by One smart blonde January 15, 2007
A stylish and practical car best suited for driving around the suburbs. Originally aimed at real 'off roading' they now provide the answer to a person so vain and selfish they'd rather drive a two tonne truck-car then risk being seen in a 'daggy' sedan. Unconcerned with actual driveability, safety or fuel economy an suv can be the answer to a debt burdened suburbanite provideing all the image desired. A real suv driver never travels off road and those who do take the car off the road should really stop trying to live up to the sad image portrayed at the dealership and get a life!
the suv a wonderful car that should be enjoyed by all...except the sad ones actually wanting to take it on the dirt go join the army or something
by one smart blonde January 28, 2007

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