13 definitions by omg

haunt, scary, ghost, mysterious, creepy, andrewandcara
Big Old is haint, but Dutton is more haint.
by omg April 22, 2004
An expensive forum software that has a bunch of features you would never use.
This is bloated like a vBulletin
by OMG April 01, 2004
Toddy is the coolest girl ever. (The perfect balance of rad AND killer.)
Look at Toddy's turgid clit!
by OMG December 12, 2004
Commonly used on IRC, represents the greeting "hi to you". Words are usually jumbled to save typing time, "hai 2 u", hai being a geeklike form of hi, 2 being short for to and u being short for you.
* female join the channel
<boy> hai2u
by OMG May 09, 2004
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