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A city in the south of England, it is like the South Central of Wiltshire, with daily shoot-outs and people selling crack cocaine on every corner. The main cause of this is the asian community in the Bemerton Heath suburb, which is approximatly 1 mile west of the city centre. There is also the are known as the Friary which is located in the city centre and has gained infamy for the amount of Gypsy's with ten-bedroom caravans selling Marijuana they grew in a windowbox.

The City Centre is best avoided on a tuesday and saturday due to the farmers market (below), mainly because on these days, the whole city centre is overrun by coffin dodgers and the senile, who decide to walk into every other person they see then collapse in a heap.

Apart from the above, Salisbury is a relativly attractive tourist village with a traditional farmers market selling overpriced, overrated and overthehill vegetables and a cathedral that has the tallest spire in europe and was built by eastern-europeans in 2005.
BadMan1 "Lets go score some rocks from the Filipinos in the Heath"
BadMan2 "nah blud they charge too much, jst get a korma insted
BadMan1 "Its lucky we live in Salisbury Wiltshire"
BadMan 2 "brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrratttt TING"
by omfgroflcopterkthnxbye January 14, 2011

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