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The woman who, without a shadow if a doubt, had the greastest voice of all time. Frequently referred to as simply 'the voice' or 'the first lady of song', she raised the bar for vocal talent to such a height that those who have come after her are yet to even touch it. She was influenced mostly by chaka khan and aretha franklin, aswell as her legendary mother cissy houston and her first cousin dionne warwick. She did, however, eclipse all of those who came before her with her soaring range, startling power and outstanding control over her miraculous voice. she was in her prime from 1983-1992. in this time, especially the mid eighties, the clarity of her tone, her naturally perfect diction when singing and the utterly immense power of her voice left global audiences flabbergasted. Moreover, the unbelievable talent that she displayed on her albums was meerly a taster of what she could deliver when singing live! known for never singing any one song the same twice, she manipulated eachnote uniquely and adjusted the power and tempo of the song to her taste. Although, it is unfortunate that people are now hateful towards the woman that is factually know for being the biggest break through artist after michael jackson, and who broke down the racial barriers in the musical industry for fellow black female singers to follow. Finally, it is simply ignorance to deny whitney houston's unparallelled talent; comparisons to mariah are flawed as whitney's power, diction, tone and even high notes are more pefect- mariah can simply whistle and for some reason people mistake this for her being more talented than THE VOICE whitney houston.
"wow, those angels do sound stunning, but they are no whitney houston !"
by oliverhumble6 August 27, 2009

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