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A beautiful, mid-sized town in Connecticut. It has great shopping areas and vast estates, particularly in the Greens Farms area. Some waterfront homes can cost in excess of 20 million dollars. Unlike many of the so called "wealthy" Long Island and New Jersey towns Westport and the neighboring Fairfield County towns do not feel the need to wear their wealth on their sleeves. However, everyone knows outside of Manhattan and The Hamptons, Fairfield County is the center of high priced homes and high class lifestyle in the metro-area. Westport is one of the greatest and richest towns in Fairfield County.
Forget Westport being the richest towns in Connecticut. It is one of the richest in America. It is a great place to live and a haven for Judeo-Protestant wealth.

Now bring around the Maybach!
by old timer December 21, 2005
It means someone is going to give someone else a hard spanking probably using a belt or strap. The phrase was used to indicate strong punishment by an authority figure over a child.
"If I catch you drinking or gambling again, I'm gonna tan your hide, young man!"

My Pa would say 'he's gonna tan my hide' if he caught me smoking this pipe.
by Old Timer December 23, 2013

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