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A spelling of baby for people (usually people who think they are gangsters) who are particuarly retarded.
pob: Girl your my bady
Girl: what the fuck is a bady pat?
by old Gregg October 01, 2006
A meal, possibly best eaten at room temperature
:Hey is that a flanjj?
:Yea, im gunna defrost that mother to room temperature!

So much flanjj so little time!

I just woke up and there was flanjj everywhere.

Look at that japalese kid eating that flanjj!

:Hey John, fancy Sweden next week?
:Not right now, iv been up all night eating flanjj

Flanjj, the drive is fantastic!

Flirtini and flanjj go hand in hand.

What do you mean you don't sell Flanjj!!

flanjj, a real world approach

DO NOT pay attention to that Flanjj!

Ohh die ik niet abit op van flanjjrecht nu zou letten over!!

by Old Gregg November 13, 2007
A paraplegic Japanese person
Hey look at that japalese kid eating that flanjj

:Hey have you seen that rush hour 3 yet?

:Yea that Jackie Chan is so japalese
by Old Gregg November 13, 2007
A common miss-spelling or miss use of the word Flanjj

This mistake is done obviously by people with dirty minds, the Flanjj producers and community have suffered greatly because of this misrepresentation.
:I was eating Flanjj yesterday.
:Ewwww!!! why would you do that.
:Not Flange! You are so Japalese
by Old Gregg December 12, 2007
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