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Goofy, drunkard. Small in stature, most likely of Native orgin. Masonary, animal hoarder. Very unhealthy life stlye, cheap booze. Into scrapping - boxing. Slow minded, with some short of distinguished marking or physical aliment about them.
Oh Willy, why are you just so that way Willy?
by olakeside December 30, 2011
Bashful, traumatizing luck in life. "One of the Guys" fisherwoman, shy but when intoxicated is loud, heavy smoker. Kind of a bar fly chick, unattractive certainly not afraid to fight, loyal but selfish in the heart. hard employment, some rough like factory work or crime schene cleanups.
that chick at the end of the bar, ashes down her clevege. Oh Donna, Donna dont you wanna.
by Olakeside December 30, 2011

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