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A movement started in Britain in the 60s when the mod scene met the hippy scene. The mod scene split, and the "hard mods", the ones who hated hippies, got harder. With a little influence from Jamacian rudeboys, the skinhead was born out of the hard mod. Most of the music was held over from the mod days, but there were ska and reggae imported from the rude boys.

In the 70s, many punk-rockers became Skinhead, Skrewdriver among them, and brought Oi! and RAC into the scene.

Skinheads represent the working class, and fight with honor.

There are 4 main types of Skinheads:

Traditional Skinheads (Rejects all politics and labels)

Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice (SHARP) Anti-racist Skinheads

White Power/National Socialist(Neo-Nazi) Racist Skinheads

Red Anarchistic Skinheads (RASH)
Communist Skinheads

There's also GASH (Gay Aryan Skinheads), but they're just a joke.

The general "uniform" of the Skinheads are flight jackets, Fred Perry's/polo shirts/dress shirts, Levi 501s/tight jeans, steelcap combat boots (Doc Martens, Gripfasts, and others), and either shaved head or close-cut hair. Sideburns are common.

Generally, skinheads reject hard drugs, although drinking and smoking are common.

Skinheads love to go out drinking with the boys, get rowdy, and kick a few skulls in.

Skinheads work for a honest, working-class living with their own sweat and blood.

Oi, Oi, Oi!
I'm a skinhead, and if you got a problem with that, I'll kick your teeth in.
by oioioibootboy May 30, 2004
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