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= Sydney's Shit.

Commonly used by Melbournians and The Living End fans alike to define their complete hate and contempt for Sydney, Australia

Originally quoted by Scott Owen from the Living End on the way to the ARIAS in 1999.
"Sydney shits... oh I mean Sydney's shit." - Scott Owen (The Living End)
James: I'm going to Sydney
Elizabeth: Sydney shits.
James: I know.
by oi_little_piglet September 01, 2010
Drummer for the British rock band MUSE along side Matt Bellamy and Chris Wolstenholme.

1) To wear brightly coloured jeans giving the impression of being gay.

2) Believing one is dressed appropriately when you actually look like a hobo

3) Making 'Sex Face' or appearing drug fucked whilst doing something complicated, preferably while playing drums

4) Constantly being treated like the centre of in-jokes, but really they only make fun of you because it requires less thinking.
"Look at Dan, he does a Dom Howard when he plays pool"

"He's our Dom Howard"

Tom: Dan is our Dom Howard
Stacey: Is that because he's such a good drummer?
Tom: no, he just pulls sex faces when he drums, and he looks like a hobo
by oi_little_piglet September 01, 2010

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