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Marco Materazzi is a player who plays tough defense and is good with his head. Made famous in the 2006 Fifa World Cup, by not only scoring goals and playing hard D, but getting the french Superstar Zidane red carded over some simple (and not uncommon) trash talk.
*some shirt tugging by Materazzi*
Zidane: If you want my shirt I'll give it to you after the game
Materazzi: I don't want you shirt I want your sister
Zidane: O NO YOU DIDNT !!!! **headbutt**

French: Materazzi's plan all along was to get Zidane kicked out because they knew that's the only way they could win

Sensible Person: Zidane resorted to violence after trash-talk from Materazzi, Zidane should be ashamed for embarrassing his country.
by ohyouknowme June 18, 2008
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