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N; A small town located in the center of Rhode Island that contributes cultural, intellectual and monetary assets for the entirety of the smallest state in the country. EG is home to successful CEO's, the govenor of RI, noted artisans, professional NFL and NBA atheletes, students who can continually boast the highest standardized testing scores and a diverse collection of noted professionals who also create the data which makes EG the wealthiest town of RI. Downtown EG is lined with acclaimed galleries and restaurants as well as beautiful harbor views. Kids who have a problem with the town are generally community members who can't meet the $200,000 income needed to "fit in" with the lower/average quartile and suffer severe psychological distortions/defense mechanisms in the form of rage.
Since I am a "townie" and my family doesn't match the average East Greenwich profile I am going to develop a skewed definition of EG and use such rage as a defense mechanism to avoid making an effort to utilize the wealth of resources the town provides.
by ohyea11 February 03, 2006

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