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Simple Plan is a band made up of five people from the Canadian province of Quebec and consists of two members of the band Reset. (The only difference being that Reset was somewhat good.)

They have released two albums since 2003, 'No Pads, No Helmets, Just Balls' and 'Still Not Getting Any'--and it can be presumed that they are still not getting 'any' because their songs should lead anyone to believe they are whiny 12-year olds and no one wants to be accused of statutory rape.
Example 1:
Person: Simple Plan is the best band and Pierre sings so great!
Me: No.

Example 2:
Person: Reset was much better.
Me: Yeah, probably.

Example 3:
Me: That's because you're trendy.
by ohpkyle July 24, 2005
Power napping is essentially sleeping during the afternoon when you haven't really done anything, but it's not so much a style of nap as it is a euphemism for being a lazy bastard.
Boss: What do you think you're doing?
Employee: Uhh... I was just... power napping so I could be... ready for the... err... next task!
Boss: Power napping, eh? That's what I like to hear.
by ohpkyle May 10, 2005
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