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This is the real name of the white rapper, Eminem, who is a genius when is comes to writing lyrics down.

For the people who acutally know something about Eminem, and know his FULL name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III.
by ohmananotherword August 28, 2008
short for or not.
ex1: Psh, do you want a ride, orn?

guy-Ya, girl give me some head right now.
by ohmananotherword July 10, 2008
means my boy.
NOT my bad.
guy 1: yo dogg!! hows myb been doin??
guy 2: mann, ive been doing fiine.
by ohmananotherword July 10, 2008
true dat motha fucka
"yeahh we're gettin some bitches tonightt"
by ohmananotherword January 08, 2009

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