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5 definitions by ohdiesel

An individual or innate object which displays behaviour not of the norm in their respective systems.
Societal example:
A person which intentionally or unintentionally displays odd or unusual behaviour.
by ohdiesel January 01, 2005
Used to express annoyance, anger, or dismay.

An alteration of "Christ."
Cripes! I forgot my bloody dagger in the church!
by ohdiesel June 01, 2004
Someone who is constantly hyper, high-strung, energetic and/or eccentric.
When you don't get fed on time, you start to become wrangy. You start to become very irritable and anxiety-prone.
by ohdiesel July 15, 2004
A promiscuous female with a bad reputation.
Your mother
by ohdiesel February 29, 2004
A project of minimal priority, undertaken as an escape from more serious work.
Playing pool when you're supposed to be doing brain surgery.
by ohdiesel June 29, 2004