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6 definitions by oh girl

any given variety of young naive individuals away from home for the first time in a college town however the fact they even survived high school without having someone wipe thier butts is beyond me, generally connected by their umbilical cell phones so they can call other stupents and daddy for more bling bling
Aww jeez man it's fall here comes 18,000 stupents to my town.
by oh girl August 19, 2003
6 0
Dude think bout it
:* = smoochies
not even if you 3* (KMA)
by oh girl August 03, 2003
8 5
Thank God for Small Favors
Tim Burton says there's no way he'd do a Planet of the Apes sequel.

by oh girl July 28, 2003
4 1
something that is slightly bent causing a dimple in the object
This plastic pass won't work because it has a woovel in the middle of it.
by oh girl August 19, 2003
2 0
to fiddle with something that cannot be fixed so that it works.
You have to foostadoodle with the chemical dispenser to get it to work properly.
by oh girl August 19, 2003
4 5
a word tommy likes to taunt oh girl with
Dan Yel! Dan Yel!
by oh girl August 03, 2003
17 66