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3 definitions by ogrodnick

Created by lag in Call of Duty 5 (then everyone getting massive seizures) the 50 ft. Lagdied was born. He terrorizes the globe and is addicted to bondage. He was shot up with crank as an egg.

The 50 ft. Lagdied is 50 feet tall and has 50 foot spinners on each tooth, with a purple beg leg. He can also shoot badgers from hos bum and an attack power of OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!!!

The 50 ft. Lagdied shows no mercy, he can go ninja on you and shoot a shuriken out of a gun then jump on it and ride it then slash you with his 50 ft. Lagdied-ness.
The 50 ft. Lagdied just pwnd Optimus Prime, Godzilla, McGyver and the wonder twins!!
by ogrodnick February 25, 2009
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When a random person sits with your group while your eating anywhere, usually taking up the LAST seat. Fish will not say a word, no matter what. Fish sits there and looks stupid while everyone bitches at him to move, but wont because he knows he took the last seat ANYWHERE, excluding one of your friends.
Timmy got held up in class and went to lunch late, only to find a fish in his seat.

Timmy- wtf...

Fish- *blinks*

Timmy- gtfo my seat...

Fish- *blinks*

everyone- Fish, out!!

Fish- *blinks*
by ogrodnick March 04, 2009
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my awsome chinchilla

a character from Rainbow 6
Ding Chavez, the chinchilla, is running on his wheel.
by ogrodnick January 01, 2009
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