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Soccer is a 'sport' in it's loosest sense, where between 10 and 22 she-men nancy around a pitch, randomly falling over and messing up their prissy haircuts. Homosexuality is rife in the sport, and many professionals are technically retarded (listen to an interview and you'll understand).

Many footballers go on to have jobs as taxi drivers or alcoholics. Footballers tend to stay away from rugby players because they are smaller, less intelligent and are generally in awe of the 'bigger boys'.

Most fans are thugs that posture at each other, shout obscenities and generally look like prats. They are often characterised by string vests, tattoos and body odour. Their typical IQ of 7 is also a good indication.

Football fans tend not to have sex with the opposite sex very often as they are (on average) repulsive creatures.
Soccer Fan 1: 'I support Arsenal'
Soccer Fan 2: 'I support Chelsea'

Huge windmilling fight ensues, causing international coverage and a general acceptance that all football fans are yobs with low skilled jobs.

by offside7 March 06, 2007

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