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term commonly used by law enforcement agents to describe a person caught speeding
i can say meow
i can say moo
hell for 20 bucks i'll call the guy a chicken fucker
license and registration, chicken fucker
by officer rod farva September 17, 2004
1.obtain a pan, by force if necessary
2.take a big dump in the pan, but it should be a fairly solid one, not some soupy-ass diarrhea
3.have a nice little 5-on-1 session and squirt a big load all over the dump you just took
4.preheat oven to 450 degrees
5.cook for 15-20 minutes
6.give it 5-10 minutes to cool off
7.cut into squares and enjoy
my uncle ron makes the best glazed meatloaf. last thanksgiving i ate so much i yarfed all over my cat.
by officer rod farva September 27, 2004

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