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The most fucked up pokemon ever. It's a pink, deformed, bird like fucked up virtual creature in the 4th pokemon series. After they polished the original porygon the gamemakers ran out of ideas, used a shitload of drugs and created this thing.
That dude looks like a Porygon Z!!! (Meaning:That dude looks fucked up)
by octopuseater April 25, 2010
Someone who likes to spoil and ruin things. A person who is never there when you need him, and always there when you wish he isn't there. A Freek will also go or stay home often on a friday or saturday evening for no good reason.
Isn't he going with us!? What a Freek!

Where is he?

At home being Freek.
by octopuseater April 25, 2010
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