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The nicest Lamborghini ever. Kicks any Ferrari's ass.
Ferrari driver: Look, a Gallardo is coming this way. I'm scared. Let's get the hell out of here.
Gallardo driver: Yeah, you better run, you damn pussy.
by octopus August 20, 2006
an overpriced version of tahoe. also comes in ext and esv, are based on the avalanche and suburban
Escalade: look at me! I only cost 55k
Tahoe: you idiot, i'm the same thing for only 30k
by octopus August 24, 2006
A stupid piece of shit that gets 15 mpg and is designed to go off-raod but is only driven on the streets by damn idiots.
I'm an idiot. I'm gonna go buy an SUV instead a sedan lose all my money on gas!
by octopus August 17, 2006
A cheaper version of the escalade, although the 2007 tahoes look much better than 06 escalades.
Bob is smart. he got a chevy tahoe for 30k

Bob#2 is stupid, he got an escalade for 60k
by octopus August 24, 2006
A reliable midsize family sedan that has a god gas mileage and is much better than a honda accord. Also the most poular car in the world.
person #1: Look at my new Honda Accord
person #2: Not as good as my Toyota Camry.
by octopus August 17, 2006

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