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The act of having sex with someone in order to have somewhere to stay that night. Generally done when visiting a new city/town when money for a hotel is in short supply.
I met this girl in a bar, she wasn't the prettiest but I only have two euro in my pocket and nowhere to stay so I had to bang for board.

My girlfriend kicked me out so I went to a club to bang for board
#sex #shelter #bang for board #bang #hotel
by oconnest August 17, 2009
Gamer's guilt is the apologetic way that gamers talk about video games when they know other people are listening. They will shy away from in depth discussion or areas that sound nerdy and will change their tone in order to appear as if they are speaking about their beloved games in an ironic manner.

The root of gamer's guilt stems from the gamer's fear of being viewed in a sterotypical manner.
I keep trying to talk with John on the bus about call of duty but we can never talk properly because he gets really bad gamer's guilt.
#gamer #guilt #video games #video gamers guilt #gamers
by oconnest October 04, 2009
To be ostracised by people less awesome than oneself and not to care.
I was at this lame party and I got awesomestracised by these total losers. Needless to say I wasn't that concerned.
#ostracised #left out #awesome #loser #party
by oconnest October 24, 2009
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