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People, often adults in their 20s and 30s (age-wise, their biology still often resembles that of a prepubescent 12 year-old), who are overly obsessed with Anime.

Out of all nerds, they are by far the most annoying. They always talk about how Japan is the best culture and country in the world (how I wished they all moved there), and often speak in Japanese as though it makes them sound cool and superior.

They have an EXTREME form of tolerance for cutesyness that would otherwise make the average intelligent adult either vomit or want to kill someone.

They often gather at conventions with other fellow VFL to act out their wildest fantasies via Cosplay.

All of their money is spent on anime related products and spend their entire lives on either watching, playing, talking about, or acting out anime. They even sleeptalk anime phrases (Pikachu, no!). They literally spend $30 dollars on a 'cute' Pikachu plushie that probably costs 10 cents to make.

They often claim themselves to be the 'smart' nerds because they are able to follow a nonsensical Pokemon plot which is normally outgrown by the average 11 year-old.

Their lives are so uninteresting that they like to give names to every single inanimate object they own. They give their car a name, as well as a toy they own. They also like to give alternate names to towns and areas and use code words to speak amongst themselves. They like to stand in awkward positions (by crossing their feet inwards) as if it's something special, and also like to appear as antisocial as possible to later complain about society not accepting them. They grow their hair and nails to a ridiculous length, while at the same time never bothering to shave or maintain good hygiene.

They often rely on their moms to help sew their costumes for cosplay to later claim they made it themselves. They also rely on their mom for a ride to their conventions as well as for...well, just about everything.

They tend to get sick often due to their poor nutrition: nothing but a shitload of candy and soda.

They have a TERRIBLE taste in music and listen to bands like Dragonforce, as well as J-pop and J-rock bands.

They like to go by an anime alias, even at irrelevant or inappropriate times, and often use it as their real name when they meet someone new.

They LOVE to play DDR and love to show off their moves even more at conventions. If it wasn't for DDR, though, they would never engage in any other activity that remotely resembles exercise...well, other than beating off to anime.

They play videogames and practice for days until they can beat the casual gamer. Otherwise, they feel shameful.

They take their Nintendo DS everywhere to play Pokemon.

Everything scares them and they rarely leave their homes as a result.

They are, for the most part, nice, harmless people. Annoying as hell, but nice overall.

Normal adult (to Anime Nerd friend): Want to go to a rock show this weekend?

Anime Nerd friend: will pikachu be there?
by observo July 10, 2008

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