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Short for Concord Pacific Place, a 148 acre "community" along False Creek, in Vancouver BC. CPP was the worlds largest master planned community at the time of first construction. CPP occupies the site of the 1986 World Expo
site in downtown Vancouver. Median home pice is over $600000, and the community is predominantly residential, with the exception of restaurants, spas, and designer clothing stores. It is not a family neighborhood, as the vast majority of homes are 1+ or 2 bedroom condos. CPP is one of the most prominant downtown residential areas, specificaly Yaletown, the epicenter of CPP, CPP is argued to be eclipsed now by Coal Harbour...
A: "Where do you live?"

B: "Oh, I moved to my new condo in CPP."

A: "In Yaletown?"

B: "No, it's in the X tower, on Pacific, by Urban Fair."

B: "Nice"
by observations October 19, 2007

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