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2 definitions by oatmealjake

Pronounced: "Ditkey," it is short for "Down To Kick It"
DTKI is similar to: "You wanna hang out?" or, "You want to party?"
DTKI is usually used in just a short sentence, with out waiting for a response. On the phone, it requires the person who was asked if they are DTKI to call back with their response.
Sasha: Hey Jake, call up Camille and see if she wants to hang out today.
Jake: YOU DTKI? *(hangs up phone)*
by oatmealjake May 22, 2010
A phrase used to describe a dog that excessively humps people. Either used in an endearing sense or warning potential victims.
Jim: Hey don't sit down on the floor, Rex may look purebred but he's got a little Louisiana Leg Hound in him.
by oatmealjake May 23, 2010