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leftover hoes: the last girls (out of their group) to get picked up on at a party. There are good lookin' hoes, aiight hoes, and leftover hoes. The leftover hoes are the unattractive or large or crazy ones.
"That fool has no game, so he always ends up with the leftover hoes"
by o1aztekdog July 01, 2006
What a girl gets after she gets all stuck on the first guy to penetrate her. Symptoms include geting all clingy, blowing up his cellphone tracking his whereabouts,calling mutual friends to look for him, etc. Can last anywhere from a few days to many years.....depending on how severe the case is.
Sadly, Rachel was unable to find another boyfriend after she caught virginitis from Bill.
by o1aztekdog August 30, 2006
a fake thug. Someone that acts all tought but really isn't.can be used as an adjective.

example 1:

Thug 1: "Hey check it look at that berry slippin over there; he 'bout to get picked!"

Thug 2: Let's do this.....

example 2:

"That fool looks all berry rocking that pink button-up shirt!"
by o1aztekdog August 23, 2006
A fake thug. Basically some lame ass trying to act hard (like at work) but is really a punk ( on the streets).Guys that try to come off like they're tough, but at the first sight of a real gangster they bitch up.Also used to describe the same.
1: (noun) That punk Renee is a lil berry; and he's about to get picked!

2: (adj.) Did you see that fool lookin all berry wearing that pink polo shirt?
by o1aztekdog August 23, 2006

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