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1 definition by o0gi3b00gi3

A gothic hippie is the best of both words.
I was raised by Hippie parents, but my dad is also very gothic in style. I'm in my late 30s. So that can give you an idea of my parents age.
I am a gothic hippie, and I have been one my entire life. Being a girl, I tend to wear a wide variety of clothing. One day I can be in a pair of bell bottom jeans and a rock band shirt, the next a black broomstick skirt and a nice flowing shirt on top. My music is across the board depending on mood. I can listen to meditation one moment and Rob Zombie the next. Really it is across the board. Hippie Goths don't have to be just pagans either. I am Catholic, and am very devout. I am about Peace love and happiness. I do love history and the victorian era as someone else wrote.LOL But I do also love to read. Sci-fi, horror,classics, and I don't love romance unless its about some form of vampire lust. I have a dark humor. I love Renfaires too. So, like I said I am exactly what the name says Gothic hippie..the best of both worlds.
by o0gi3b00gi3 October 09, 2008