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Distance divided by time.

Or Meth.
"Let's do speed so I can stay up all night and study for my finals!!11shift!"
by o revelation o April 29, 2008
This is a 101 proof peppermint schnapps. It comes in a cool "frosty" looking bottle and is relatively cheap at about $16 for 750ml (fifth).
Ice 101 will get you very drunk, very fast.
by o ReVelatioN o February 06, 2008
A relatively inexpensive, but good brand of whiskey from Canada.
Canadian Club and coke is pretty good.
by o ReVelatioN o May 26, 2008
A melodic death metal band from Ontario Canada.
"What are you listening to?"

Threat Signal!

"Man they sound awesome!"

Yeah no shit. Canada finally got something right :P
by o ReVelatioN o August 25, 2008
An IRC pluggin for Firefox.
IRC is like multiplayer notepad

Methinks Chatzilla owns other IRC clients for sure.
by o revelation o April 29, 2008
One who's conception is the result of an accidental leakage and transfer of semen from the soon-to-be mother's anus to her vagina. Assuming the feces covered sperm reach an egg cell and successfully fertilize said cell, the outcome will be a rather poor excuse for a human child. This child (Butt Troll) will be forever ridden with terrible hygiene and an uncommonly low level of intelligence.
Brittany's parents should have paid a little more attention to their post-anal-sex clean up process. That girl is smelling up this entire building. I guess I wouldn't expect much else from a Butt Troll though.
by o ReVelatioN o May 12, 2010
A hickey
Wow dude, what were you thinking when you let that chick give you that big ol' muffler burn. It looks nasty haha.
by o ReVelatioN o February 28, 2009
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