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St. Anger is Metallica's latest album. While many regard it as it's worst album, it isn't that bad in the end. People that really hate it usually just listened to it for 2-3 seconds and then took the CD out and never put it in again. It is supposedly a return to Metallica's old days, featuring a heavier metal than the albums that came before it (specifically Load and Reload) mixed with nu-metal as people call it.
One of the most highly criticized points of the new album is the new drum sound of drummer Lars Ulrich. Some love it, others hate it. Try listening to it yourself.
Another point is the absence of Metallica's almost legendary guitarist (in my opinion), Kirk Hammet, with his incredible guitar solos.

The lyrics are mostly centered around hate. Almost every Metallica album has one argument it is centered on (example Ride the Lightning is centered on death, while Master of Puppets is centered on the military somewhat, and ...And Justice for All is centered on human rights and politics).
Some of the songs in it are actually bad. I personally hate "Sweet Amber".
Some are good, for example "The Unnamed Feeling" (but they ruined it with the stupid voice saying "been there before..." in my opinion).
An interesting case is "Some Kind of Monster". I believe it should have been an instrumental song, just like every one of Metallica's first 4 albums had one.

In short, St.Anger did actually lower the bar. But, after all, it is STILL Metallica. So don't diss it.
St.Anger is Metallica's latest album. People hate it, but it's still Metallica.
by nzdbox November 09, 2004
1) Latin for: "Where are you going?"
2) Canadian death metal band.
Quo vadis, Brutus? (Where are you going, Brutus?)
"On the Shores of Ithaka" by Quo Vadis kicks major amounts of ass!
by nzdbox April 16, 2006

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