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2 definitions by nx7oe3

greese deposits on the elbows of fat women. usually leaks and has the smell of french fries. tends to look very disgusting.
Sam: Damn dude, that fat bitch elbowed me and left her elbow greese on my face.

Greg: You smell like french fries.
by nx7oe3 January 04, 2009
4 4
When a person that is supposed to know what he's doing spaces out and does the complete office. The term was originally coined to refer to former Red Sox baseball player: Manny Ramirez. It can also be used in different context to refer to any idiot.
Sam: Look at that fool that just got hit in the head with a baseball.
Jim: Manny being Manny

Other examples.
Britney being Britney (slut)
Paris being Paris (bigger slut)
Lindsy being Lindsay (idiot) (and slut)
Alex being Alex (eternal failure to win a world series)
by nx7oe3 April 18, 2009
6 13