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3 definitions by nurtchle

Often confused with "moon docking" or defecating into a vagina, the "Alabama Hot Pocket" is actually a term used by necrophiles to describe a cadaver in a body bag stashed in a cardboard box in a mobile home (or the trunk of a rusty '73 camaro) which has been heated by the mid-day sun.
"I went back to the trailer on my lunch break to have a 'date' with my 'lady'. Talk about a Alabama Hot Pocket- what, with this heat wave we're havin'!"
by nurtchle November 22, 2007
Similar to the brooklyn bridge, the reverse brooklyn is a felatio position where one's testicles are placed on the partner's forehead and the penis shaft rests along the bridge of the nose with the head of the penis falling roughly at the mouth and chin.
Fred:"I gave Sally a reverse brooklyn while she was sleeping last night!"
Bill:"Oh, you put your balls in her mouth?"
Fred:"No! I said 'REVERSE brooklyn'"
by nurtchle November 22, 2007
Slang term for anus.
"I thought that guy at the door was a census taker but he was just a homeless guy who wanted to poke me in my brown onion!"
by nurtchle November 25, 2007