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Hunger get what hunger want! When you decide to have a snack late at night but it's already past midnight.
"Yo you up fo some One o' snacking dawg?"

"Fo sho nyukka!" ^o^/
by numchuk July 12, 2009
When ones fingers gets covered in cheese dust from cheetoes and finds it very annoying when it comes to certain tasks that require hands.
"Honey, I know I'm doing it wrong, my fingers are cheetoed, chill out bitch."
by numchuk July 12, 2009
The most random word on the whole entire earth. It can cause alcohol drinking problems in the eye, Cause horrible break ups, and rises Billy Mazes dead body from the grave and force oxyclean down your mouth.
Guy 1: Dude my girlfriend just cheated on me and now i i have that stupid alcohol drinking problem in my eye!

Guy 2: Crap im sorry, how could all this happen?

Guy 1: I said that word Washaniki.

Guy 2: You dumbass

"Billy Mazes dead body breaks in with an evil smile and shouts Buy OxyClean in the next 5 minutes and get another free, and forces oxyclean down their mouths, thus, killing them both.
by numchuk July 01, 2009

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