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A Bullshitist is a person who is so good at making up stories that you almost believe their lies. When they get real good it’s hard to tell which of their stories are made up and which is real.

A Bullshitist has mastered his story telling/lying in a way that makes you almost believe everything he says but never fully believe anything he says. He’s the guy who: hunts, has knowledge of guns and the military, has skydived, took karate classes at an older (odd) age, has fucked a girl from just about every country in the world, has degrees in philosophy, medicine, engineering and math, but just can’t seem to make friends.

He can’t figure out why people don’t like him. He feels he needs to be MORE IMPRESSIVE and make up bigger and better stories. He goes to social places and infiltrates a conversation on a topic he can lie well about to try to impress those people into being his friend. This usually ends with those people backing away from the Bullshitist because he’s creepy and has creepy knowledge of guns and claims he knows the best ways to kill someone while unarmed.
David: And then, just when the torturer was about to make his final move, I broke my chains, karate chopped his ass, blew up the entire military base then came back home and had a drink with the ladies... and THAT'S how I know that a good hit to the back of the head knocks someone out *convincing laugh*

Bill: Wow! You must teach me that sometime.

Kareem (whispering): Don't believe a word he says. David is a Bullshitist.
by numandine July 04, 2009

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