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1.Impossible to achieve or attain

2.Used by Mr.Redd White from Phoenix Wright when you find him guilty.

Guy 1: Dude, I think with some make-up Rosie O'Donnell could be hot.

by num421337 March 26, 2010
1.Used mainly in cases where a relationship ends as in

a. When a women explains the relationship you share or

b.What your girlfriend calls a guy she's seeing behind your back.
Guy: I love you.
Girl: Sorry, but I don't see our relationship going further than just friends.

Biz Markie: Oh baby, YOU! YOU GOT WHAT I NEEED. But you say he's just a friend.
by num421337 March 29, 2010
when someone is asking alot of someone else. it's enough to try and get an owl awake at noon but to make it jog that's too much. From Important Things With Demetri Martin
Guy: So Jenny wants me to go to her cousin's wedding in Australia. So I have to pay $2000 to be bored for five days.

Demetri: Jesus Jenny she's forcing an owl to jog at noon.
by num421337 April 02, 2010
when something's really hard to find

from Important Things With Demetri Martin
Guy: Sorry I'm late.
Demetri: Nah, it's alright this place is a snail's asshole.
by num421337 April 02, 2010

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