17 definitions by nugget

One specific form of the more general term drink the kool-aid. Please refer to that definition for a more complete understanding.
"Don't drink the Kool-Aid"
by Nugget April 26, 2005
a piece of chicken.
mmm nuggets.
by Nugget April 27, 2003
People who don't want to destroy their bodies, and brains with toxins. These people, like myself, find it funny that some people who do enjoy drinking and smoking feel the need to insult them. It's a lifestyle fucktards. Deal with it. :)
Stoner: Hahaha straight edge faggot. Why don't you have some fun and get fucked up like us cool kids.
sXe: Naw. but have fun getting messed up man ;)
by NuGgEt July 05, 2004

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