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Firstly I would just like to say that all of those people who have been putting down Habbo Hotel really must think what they put before they go slandering it. Yes there are reasons for everything which I will explain below:

Swearing Filter:
Yes its to stop people swearing. There are alot of young kids who use the site and putting words like "fuck" and "cyber" are truly inapropriate. This place is a very fun place for the youngsters and blocking swearing is a way to make the site more pleasant.

Some people say that the only rooms you find on Habbo Hotel are just Beauty Contest/Mafia/Falling Furni etc. One thing. This is what other people have made, not the hotel. If they want a beauty contest its up to them. OK, what about fan-based rooms (like music groups etc)? or even counciling rooms? because of the nature and design of the hotel its ideal for people to go for help anonymously in a friendly, non exposing way. Rooms are started off blank because then people can design them themselves. It gives the kids something to be proud of when they show their mates that they've made hundreds of friends on Habbo because of their own room.

Yes credits are a lil bit expensive. But if they were free furni would lose its value and so people will lose interest. It gives youngsters something to spend their money on, and look forward to when they get it. Also club members get extra furniture like rare stuff, which is enough to make any regular habbo happy.

Yes they do exist, just like on other chat rooms. But thats the whole point of the habbo way. Just dont give out your personal details. Simple.

Unusual word filtering:
Yet againt that happens. Thats just because some people have got wise to the filter. So instead of writing "fuck" they write "fuk" and think they can get away with it. But words like "essex" are blocked because they filter the word like: *****s**e**x**** so any gaps are treated part of the word. so the swearing is curbed. Thats a pretty good idea I think.

No they're not stuck up, if you keep out of trouble and dont cause it then you shouldnt even need to meet one, let alone get banned. Oh and they dont use false ages because they check with "Interactive Age Check" authorities.

And anyway, you think Habbo is bad? they have thousands of people online on there each day, and operate in 9 or so countries. If it was crap you really think they'd be this sucessful? Hmm, I don't think so.

Dont be put off by all the bad rumours, like any chat room, if you stay safe then there shouldnt be a problem.
There i no example to show. Just take care and you'll see how wrong some people really are.
by nuclear_dude August 09, 2004

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