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1. On-line notoriety gained on the internet either through websites or on-line chatting.
Youtube posters hope to one day become netfamous.
by nssone April 01, 2007
A blowjob where the person giving the blowjob has ice in their mouth.
"So the other day my girl puts an ice cube in her mouth then starts going down on me right then and there!"

"Dude, you got a coolblow from you girl? Awesome!"
by nssone March 24, 2009
The coming of the end brought on by the rise to power of Barack Obama as president of the United States of America. May also be referred to as Obamageddon.
Dude, I feel the Barackalypse is coming!
by nssone January 20, 2009
Synonym for Barackalypse.
Prepare for Obamageddon!
by nssone January 20, 2009

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