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A spin-off of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. CSI: Miami is one of the most unrealistic and poorly made crime dramas currently on television. David Caruso stars as Horatio Caine with absolutely no talent as an actor. Watching Caruso is like watching Dirty Harry play by the rules while taking Ritalin.
An excerpt of CSI: Miami:

Horatio Caine: Gentlemen, may I?
Lawyer: Be kind, Horatio.
Horatio Caine: As always. All right, now, Pedro, the gun we found in your room has tied you to two murders.
Lawyer: But possession doesn't make my client the killer.
Horatio Caine: We also have your skin cells on the tourniquet you used.
Lawyer: ALLEGEDLY used.
Horatio Caine: Allegedly used.
Horatio Caine: Now, are you going to rebut everything I'm saying?
Lawyer: Yes.
Horatio Caine: Excellent.
by nsnarf July 10, 2008
1. A homosexual (derogatory).

2. A person who is stupid, arrogant, and/or annoying.

3. A bundle of sticks.

4. A person who is acting flamboyantly homosexual but who is generally known to be straight.
1. God hates faggots. All fags will burn in hell! (see Westboro Baptist Church)

2. Bill: Shut up, faggot!
Edwin: Fuck you!

3. Thomas: Let's throw another faggot on the fire!
Robert: You're a sick bastard!
Thomas: This is definition 3, bub.

4. Dan: Get off me, faggot!
Sam: Dude, I'm just kidding!
Dan: faggot...
by nsnarf July 10, 2008

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