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n. (ap-uhl zom-bee)

Caution: Careful with this bunch. They're usually spotted toting fancy touchy-screen magic-box cellular internet devices in public. The douchébags will most likely possess multiple miniature music storage & delivery devices. These devices can only be purchased with magic beans. They've been known to viciously stone non-followers to death, sometimes munching on their corpses in nearby Starbucks Cafés, occasionally mixing their leftover innards into the espresso shots, laughing at the rest of us. Pompous ass-holes.
After 'drinking the Snapple', Johnny waddled to his nearest Apple Store, where he joined the other Apple Zombies to camp out for the newest offering from Apple: The iDrone.
by notpmoc March 26, 2008
n. (ker-MUFF-ins)

An uncommon mispronunciation of the word "COMEUPPANCE"

Typically used by those who have gone through their entire life not once ever seeing it spelled in its entirety. Interpreted as a well-deserved rebuke or penalty, or KARMA.
JOE: "I just boinked your mom"
GREG: "Damn you. You'll get your kermuffins"

(awkward pause)

JOE: "Dude, did you just say 'KER-muffins'? laughter, it's 'COMEUPPANCE'!" (laughter continues)
(JUST THEN a Velociraptor devours Joe)
GREG: "See. I told you..." (pretends to be a tree)
by notpmoc November 08, 2010

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